What is an AAPC local chapter?

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"When it comes to supporting our members, local chapters are crucial. It's at the grass roots where the true networking and education take place," said Reed Pew, AAPC president "Our members receive assistance and encouragement from those who have 'done it' before them. In addition, local chapter officers volunteer to promote the coding profession and 'give back' to members because someone gave to them."

The AAPC has 450 chapters across the country, with local professional coders who ultimately promote the organization's motto: Upholding a Higher Standard. In addition, the chapters provide an educational forum, offer networking opportunities and establish an environment where less-experienced members may interact, learn and be mentored by those with more experience.

AAPC officers are elected by their peers to support the needs of the local medical coding community. They act as a liaison between the AAPC National Board and the AAPC chapter members. They conduct monthly continuing education meetings, mentor new and potential members and lead discussions regarding and new or old coding questions according to coding guidelines.

Local AAPC chapters provide an opportunity for medical coders to meet regularly to share common interests, questions, information and concerns. In addition, local chapters provide the AAPC with valuable feedback on programs, trainings and current trends facing the coding community.

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